My PIE Strategy for Henry County

There’s only two years to focus, focus, focus on the biggest, most positive issues to impact all of Henry County! Clear vision pushes beyond divisive districts, beyond geographical boundaries, beyond political agendas. We all want a safe community, with descent roads, great paying jobs and places to enjoy our families! This clarity focuses on Public Safety & Health, Infrastructure, and our Economy, It’s the PIE Strategy!

Though we have made much progress, we still have significant needs in Henry County to address. These major areas will take the forefront of my efforts:

Public Safety & Health: partner to address the Mental Health issues contributing to crime and family issues.

Infrastructure: accelerate the plans and pursue more state & federal funding for a new interchange at

Bethlehem Road to address freight traffic and for key road widening and extensions (Hwy 155, Jonesboro Road, Hwy 20/81, Rock Quarry, Hwy 42, etc.)

Economic Development: partner with key stakeholders to compete for an Inland Port to create more jobs, address freight traffic for Metropolitan Region and increase Henry County’s economy.

Public Safety & Health

The Association of County Commissioners in Georgia Mental Health Summit pointed out the drastic need our county has with the emotional and psychological individuals with in our county jail. It is estimated 50% of those incarcerated have some sort of mental disorder. These individuals need proper treatment.

Our courts are working to handle these needs and I intend on pushing forth a county effort to obtain the right medical attention.

Currently Henry has in place a juvenile mental court and a pretrial diversion system for adults. Judge Pandora Palmer is overseeing the adult mental health system. Henry needs to do more and we will.


As one of my key supporters, you already know the amount of work Henry has done on infrastructure. We currently have more projects underway than most other counties.

The county’s image with the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) has improved as we now participate as an equal partner.

This is major for Henry!

Under the laws of the Federal and State Governments, the ARC is the Metropolitan

Planning Organization that prioritizes federal and state funding for transportation projects. I serve on the ARC Board of Directors, was appointed to serve on its Governance Board over a year ago and was recently appointed as the Vice Chair of the ARC’s Transportation, Air Quality & Control Committee. This gives Henry a voice and ability to seek funding channels to complete the new interchange. We have to get traffic relief on Highway 155.

We’ll also work to accelerate other major projects. But it gets down to a unified voice where cities and the county (and that includes all elected leaders) moving together on the issues.

Henry County is the southern gateway into the metropolitan Atlanta Region. Interstate 75 runs through the heart of the county where one of the world’s busiest

Ports is hours away and the busiest airport is minutes away. Henry is home to Norfolk Southern’s Training Facility. We have the opportunity to compete successfully for an inland port and we must.

The proposed new interchange at Bethlehem Road coincides with the rail yard and where a truck only lane from Macon north on I75 would have an exit, or perhaps termination.

The potential location along I-75 could tie into the Metro Regions Truck only lane and of course the proposed new interchange would be an absolute bonus to Henry County’s freight and traffic congestion. This would be another big opportunity to create jobs and continue the downward unemployment trend.

Your opinion is always valued. It is said we have to ears and one mouth, we should listen twice as much as we speak. I need to hear from you. Please take time to complete a survey letting me know your thoughts on several subjects.

It won’t take long and giving me feedback is important. It helps me and the county align vision and actions.

Your access code is your last name plus the last four digits of your cell phone (or land line if you do not have a cell phone.) An example is wood1474.

Again it will take just a few minutes and helps very much.

June Wood